Methods For Fending Off Cancer: Proper Sleep Will Help

Cancer is one of the scariest words in the English language and available treatments are often as frightening as the disease itself. So, any time we hear about a natural therapy or practice that can help to prevent cancer or treat it, we are thrilled to know about it. Now, you can add sleep to the list of the methods for fending off cancer.

The evidence is compelling proving that sleep affects our immune system. More sleep equals a stronger immune system. However, the reverse is also true. Perhaps you have noticed certain times in your life when you were not getting enough sleep. Then you came down with whatever illness happened to be going around. Unfortunately, the same principle applies to tumor growth.

A recent study showed that when a person sleeps less, or has their sleep frequently interrupted, tumors both grow more quickly and become more aggressive. In fact, the entire way that the tumors grow changes. Here is how.

The body uses tumors to prevent diseased cells from circulating throughout the rest of the body. It’s kind of like a prison for unhealthy cells. Because the immune system can’t get rid of the cells the diseased cells are kept cut off from the healthy cells. However, when a person with cancer doesn’t get enough sleep, the tumors break through the barrier. The result is a mix of healthy and diseased tissue. Just like a massive prison break would be bad for a neighborhood, and tough for law enforcement to put right, this type of tumor growth is bad for the body and far more difficult to treat.

What the study showed is that sleep is actually an important part of cancer treatment. Even though some cancer therapies may make sleep a little more challenging, managing sleep properly plays a key role in beating the disease. If you are suffering from cancer, be sure to adhere to a regular sleep schedule. If you need help, consult your doctors to see how they can help you. For those suffering from this terrible disease, sleep literally could be a matter of life or death.

This isn’t just advice for patients who are already being treated for cancer. Sometimes a person may have a tumor but it is many months before it is actually diagnosed. Having a good schedule of sleep may help to slow the growth of the tumor until it is diagnosed. Sleep is one of the methods for fending off cancer and good sleep patterns are a healthy, and potentially lifesaving, habit for everyone to have.