Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Good News for People With Chronic Sinusitis

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that offers new hope for sufferers of chronic sinusitis. Advancements are quickly being made when it comes to surgery, and endoscopic surgery, in particular, now boasts a number of benefits. In fact, the changes made in how sinus surgery is performed may allow many people who have chronic sinusitis find relief. The changes have certainly made this an exciting treatment option and the least invasive surgical procedure for the condition now available.

One of the benefits to this new method is it requires much less time to perform. Because of this, the amount of time a patient needs to be under anesthesia is also reduced. Moreover, the surgery can be mapped out prior to the operation, which also helps reduce time. The cumulative effect of these time-savings means there is no need to stay overnight at the hospital. In fact, patients are normally sent home a few hours post-surgery. Recovery is also very quick, adding to the overall appeal, and people are well enough to return to work within a few days.

The real breakthrough, however, is with the incision, or, more precisely, the lack of incision. Previously, surgery for this condition required a long incision on the face with the concurrent chance of scarring. The new procedure is done through the nasal passage so, cosmetically, the patient is unscathed.

Not only are surgery times shortened, and appearances greatly improved, but the accuracy is exceptional as well. Using the endoscopic probe means that a precise view of nasal passages and problem areas are readily available. ENT’s can treat the problem in a manner so meticulous that healthy tissue remains intact and untouched. This provides better overall results, making the treatment even more effective. One last benefit is that the pinpoint nature of endoscopic sinus surgery results in much less bruising and swelling, too. Thus, after the surgery, the patient will look as good as they now feel.