Little-Known Symptoms of Reflux

For many, reflux disease means bouts of uncomfortable heartburn. While this is a very common symptom closely associated with acid reflux, it is by no means the only one. Patients may not even realize they have issues with reflux because they may be unaware of the other indicators. Physicians may suggest that reflux is the cause, but the idea may be quickly rejected. The good news is that for those with acid reflux, once a diagnosis is made, there are steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

The symptoms that a person may experience from reflux disease can vary according to severity of the illness and the time that has passed without treatment. Doctors would like to see an increased awareness of some of the other results patients may experience from reflux. Often, the symptoms other than heartburn are not as obvious. Here are a few of those common yet little-known symptoms of acid reflux.

Some of the most common symptoms involve the throat. Constant clearing of the throat, a feeling that something is trapped in the throat, a sore throat, and a hoarse voice can all be signs pointing to reflux. If a patient wakes up during the night with a cough, or if regurgitation happens from time to time, these could also be symptoms of reflux. Sometimes a difficulty with swallowing and an excess of phlegm are other indicators.

Many of the other results that manifest from acid reflux may not usually be associated with the illness. However, if these are experienced, even if it is in the absence of heartburn, it could be a case of untreated reflux. With drug therapy, diet changes, and weight loss, it is possible to manage or even be rid of these symptoms completely.