It may be a subject many do not think about, but hearing loss is prevalent. Statistics are showing dramatic numbers when it comes to damaged or lost hearing. In the United States these numbers were recently polled and show a large percentage of the population to be dealing with these types of issues. The facts show that age and varying degrees of deafness can be found: These ranges are from infants to the elderly and from minor loss of hearing to deafness. Here is a look at what was found and what you can do if you find yourself battling with hearing loss.

Today the number of persons with hearing loss has far surpassed what was estimated a few years ago; in fact, the number has nearly doubled. Almost 50 million Americans find themselves with hearing difficulty in at least one ear. Of course, as a person ages, it is common to experience hearing loss. As age increases, so does the percentage of those experiencing some of these difficulties. However, there is still about one-fifth of the population from childhood onwards that has enough hearing loss so as to impede communication. That being said, a handful of newborns (out of 1,000) are born deaf or are hard of hearing. Factoring in the millions who have experienced hearing damage due to work conditions or leisure activities, and we see the figures begin to round out. Also, statistics show that the majority of war veterans will experience some form of hearing impairment as well. One source states that hearing loss among war vets is even more prevalent than Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Should one find themselves in a position where their hearing is impaired or lost, there are specialists that can help. Auditory evaluations can be preformed to help determine cause and course of treatment for hearing loss. Reducing the amount of people who suffer from hearing loss is possible, and your ear, nose and throat specialist is ready to help.