A sinus headache can be one of the most debilitating consequences of suffering from sinus problems. If you suffer from chronic sinus issues you may well have made repeat trips to the doctor – here are a few tips on effective ways to curb the pain a little without having to leave home.

Some people experience sinus issues due to dry air conditions – if this is the case for you a humidifier may help. These add moisture to air, especially useful when it is particularly dry in the wintertime. If you can’t afford a humidifier or are not sure if one would help you, try running hot water in the shower and hanging out in the bathroom as it steams up. If this helps relieve some of the pressure, a humidifier would be a great investment.

Another possible solution is a sinus rinse. You have likely seen Neti pots or other sinus rinse delivery methods – these are simple, daily use relief methods. Be sure to read the package carefully and follow all cautions, such as not using tap water which can contain dangerous bacteria.

Saline nasal sprays can loosen mucus in the nasal cavity, so if you constantly fight with feeling stuffy this may help relieve some of your symptoms – since these are essentially just salt water you can use them several times a day without any harmful side effects. Decongestant nasal sprays cannot be used as frequently and prolonged use may actually worsen you problem, so be careful with these.

Old school airlines had it right in first class – a warm compress can do a lot for relaxation! It can also relieve some sinus pressure and help with your headache – just refresh the warm water when the compress starts to cool. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help too, especially ones that have anti-inflammatory properties -these will reduce sinus swelling and may at least take the edge off the pain, allowing you to function more normally.

Remember, none of these are cures for your sinus problems, and they may not completely ensure you avoid a visit to the doctor. They can’t cure an infection (that’s what antibiotics are for), but hopefully these are just a few ways you can get the relief you need on a day-to-day basis.