At least that is what a recent study that was conducted showed will be effective. The hotness of the pepper may cause you to shed tears, and perhaps you have noticed that your nose begins to run. Is that what made researchers look into this method for treating sinus conditions? Perhaps or perhaps not, but either way, the study revealed some astounding results.

The study was published over a year ago, but it involved more than 40 individuals who used the treatment method for a couple of weeks. What was the result of these tests? They discovered that as long as the sinus problem was not being caused by an allergic reaction, it had success in relieving symptoms. This is a big breakthrough because, while there seems to be no end to the number of allergy medicines on the market, there is really no means of helping non-allergy related sinus problems at this time. This is the first time that such a study has been conducted. Previous trials had been conducted, but the problem was that researchers were afraid of the heat of the pepper. Thus, anesthesia was given to the patients. Well of course one would feel better with everything numbed, so how could they tell if the spray was effective?

Many topical temporary pain relievers that have been approved by the FDA and are available without a prescription are already being made using the same properties of the pepper. This same chemical that gives the pepper its heat, soothes the inside of the sinuses when inserted via a spray. So perhaps the topical applications of the pepper are what caused researchers to look into further uses. Whatever the case is, sinus sufferers will be happy to have any new way to achieve relief that they can get their hands on.